Fresh made delights

from the heart, just like your Yiaya



It all began with a simple mission; to provide a place where customers could come and get honest, wholesome food made from scratch. A place where we can proudly say "we just took some out of the oven".

When you are looking for breakfast, lunch, Coffee or just an afternoon sweet in Traverse City, we can offer you a verity of delicious options.  From grilled breakfast burritos and sandwiches, to flavor filled Cuban, Muffaletta or Caprese sandwiches.  Our sweets range from delectable cinnamon rolls, to mouth watering Cheese Cakes and don't forget our Cheese Cake Pops or the many other mouth watering delights. We look forward to seeing you!

Hand Crafted

Every item is hand made from scratch


Here at Yiaya's, we take joy in providing you with made from scratch breakfast foods. Our crustless Quiche is made from real eggs, and fresh ingredients. Our choices vary and include either ham, bacon or vegetarian option.

Cinnamon Rolls, Breakfast

If your tooth is wanting something a little sweeter, then our Cinnamon rolls will give you that amazing burst of cinnamon sugar and fresh pastry dough your craving!


Breakfast Burrito Breakfast in Traverse City

One of our specialties is the Breakfast Burrito. The All American is stuffed with egg, bacon, cheese and hash browns. Then rolled in a flour tortilla, grilled to a light crispy texture and served with a side of salsa.

Cuban Sandwich, Deli salad, Cookies, Cheese Cake Pop

Whats for lunch? How a bout a Cuban with a side of Mediterranean Chick Pea Salad and a delicious home made cookie or Cheese Cake Pop to complete the combination.

Our Cuban sandwich starts out as a pork tenderloin which is marinated and braised in 13 different seasonings and spices! Add ham, some good snappy pickles, a hearty, spicy mustard and Swiss cheese then grilled to perfection. This needs to go on the must try list.

Deli Salads

We offer a delicious array of rotating Deli sides to go with your meal or by them selves. The Kale salad is an amazing blend of tang and sweetness in every bite.  One of our most popular is our Dill Pickle salad.

Cheese Cake, Cheese Cake Pops, Desert, Sweets

One of the most popular and unique desert items are our Cheese Cake Pops.  They are the prefect 2 bite size explosion of rich cheese cake surrounded by Ghirardelli Chocolate.